The Woodman Hessonite Garnet Ring in 14K Yellow Gold


The Elizabeth Henry Woodman setting showcases a Belcher-style mounting, seamlessly blending antique charm with modern craftsmanship reminiscent of the Victorian era. Designed with eight protective prongs, it cradles a deep orange Hessonite garnet just beneath the ring's surface, allowing light to dance beneath the stone, illuminating its fiery depths.

Hessonite garnet, also known as the "cinnamon stone," holds a rich history rooted in Indian mythology, believed to ward off evil influences. Its unique properties include an oily, "heat wave" effect, reminiscent of scotch in water.

The Belcher setting, characterized by prongs cut into the mounting, ensures the stone rests securely within the recessed shank, creating a seamless, level surface. This design choice not only enhances the stone's prominence but also adds to the ring's overall elegance and sophistication.

This Hessonite garnet solitaire ring is the perfect choice for those seeking both a unique gemstone and historical character in their jewelry!

Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Gem: Hessonite Garnet 3.24 Carats
Gem Measurements: 8.9 mm, Round
Ring Size: 8.50
Marks: "14K" Stamped on the Inside of Band
Era: Victorian

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