The Nola Chrysoberyl Ring in 14K White Gold

This enchanting Nola ring embodies the essence of the Art Deco era, showcasing the ethereal beauty of intricate filigree work. Crafted from gleaming 14k white gold, the band comes alive with delicate filigree details reminiscent of a butterfly's wing. The pattern begins mid-way down the band, resembling ethereal lace, and gracefully rises to form a cobweb-like basket holding the central stone. This intricate design ensures a light and airy feel while wearing the ring.

At the heart of this Nola lies a captivating olive green chrysoberyl, boasting a mesmerizing 1.88 carats. Renowned for its exceptional durability and vitreous luster (a glass-like brilliance), the chrysoberyl gleams with a timeless beauty. The bezel setting not only showcases the gemstone's natural beauty but also ensures its long-lasting glimmer for years to come. Light dances through the airy filigree, further enhancing the stone's captivating fire.

This exquisite Nola ring is a true testament to the artistry of the Art Deco era. It's a perfect choice for those who appreciate unique design, enduring quality, and a touch of ethereal elegance.

Metal: 14K White Gold
Gem: Chrysoberyl, 1.88 Carats
Gem Measurements: 7.4 x 6.0 mm, Oval
Ring Size: 6.25
Marks: "14KP" Stamped on the inside band
Era: Art Deco

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