The Moonstone Band in 18K Rose Gold


The moonstone, a luminous orb of light, ethereal and pearlescent, is full of mystery and romance. This gemstone has been coveted since antiquity, its characteristics undeniably reminiscent of a full moon. Beyond their beauty, moonstones have a certain mystique about them that creates natural associations with the other intangibilities of life: love, dreams, and the future.

In ancient Rome, as well as Hindu mythology, moonstone was believed to be formed by the moon itself. Some conceived that holding the gem in your mouth during a full moon could allow you to see your future. Moonstones are also associated with love, romance, fertility, and dreams. In Arab countries, it was not unheard of for women to sew moonstones into their undergarments to encourage pregnancy. The association with fertility was common in other cultures as well; some cultures taught that burying a moonstone in a garden under the full moon would yield a bountiful harvest.

Elizabeth Henry has created a gemstone band that illuminates one’s inner light. Whether your connection to the stone is rooted in hopes of fertility, personal growth, or a relationship to the earth itself, she hopes you will spin this band, touching the glowing orbs of light and pursuing all of the intangibles in life: love, dreams, and the knowledge that the moon will keep rising even through it all.

Metal: 18K Rose Gold
Gem: 13 Moonstone
Gem Measurements: 4 mm., Cabochon
Width of Band: 4.6 mm.
Marks: "#856", "18K", EHC Lioness
Era: Ancient

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