The Longfellow Semi-Mount Engagement Ring


Say hello to the Longfellow semi-mount! Adorned with intricate etched details that ascend the band's shoulders, this vintage-inspired solitaire ring exudes charm from every angle. Showcasing a number of openings from the ring's gallery view, light is invited to dance and illuminate your gemstone of choice, creating a mesmerizing display of brilliance. The band itself features a low-profile design, ensuring not only a stunning aesthetic but also unparalleled comfort for everyday wear.

Whether chosen as an engagement ring symbolizing eternal love or as a heartfelt gift to mark a special milestone, its classic style and understated elegance make it a perfect match for a variety of gemstones and metal options.

While pictured in 14K white gold, the Longfellow mounting is available in all shades of gold, as well as cast in weighty, lovely platinum! All mountings are made to order; please allow 3 weeks processing time before shipment. Please leave a note at checkout with your ring size.

Fits Gem Size: 6 mm., Round
14K Gold Weight: 1.76 Grams
18K Gold Weight: 2.06 Grams
Platinum Weight: 2.92 Grams
Era: Vintage

The Longfellow awaits its perfect complement. Explore a dazzling array of gemstones to personalize your ring and make it uniquely your own. Contact us at to get started today!

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