The Islington Purple Sapphire Ring in 14K Yellow Gold


Prepare to be captivated by the exquisite craftsmanship of the Islington mounting, where every detail exudes sheer perfection. From the elegant lattice style of the undercarriage to the organic allure of the doubled prongs, this design is a symphony of beauty crafted with meticulous precision. Created using a single antique, die-cast master model, this casting capture the essence of heritage and elegance.

As your gaze travels down the band, you'll be delighted by the intricate wheat-like etching that gracefully evolves into sturdy prongs. The filigree encasing the center gem's setting is a work of art in itself, allowing a cascade of light to pour in, illuminating the Islington's deeply saturated purple sapphire. With a high-profile design, the Islington mounting sits approximately 7 mm. off the finger, commanding attention and ensuring all eyes are drawn to it's luxurious sapphire center.

In this rendition of the Islington setting, prepare to be enchanted by the centerpiece—a luxurious purple sapphire of exceptional quality. Boasting a generous weight of 1.00 carats, this purple sapphire exudes a regal elegance that perfectly complements the intricate filigree setting.

Immerse yourself in the richness of its hues as this sapphire unfurls in a tapestry of purple-red tones, each facet shimmering with a mesmerizing depth and intensity. The play of light within the gemstone creates an enchanting dance of color, captivating the beholder with its inherent allure and sophistication.

Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Gem: Purple Sapphire 1.00 Carat
Gem Measurements: 6.2 x 6.8 mm, Rectangle Cushion Cut
Ring Size: 5.75
Marks: "14K" Stamped on the inside band
Era: Art Deco
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