The Rosy Hues Sputnik Ring in 18K Yellow Gold


Our space journey in the late 60s not only triggered an incredibly productive era of American history, it provided jewelers with the inspiration to develop an entire category of collectible jewelry pieces. The category is often referred to as ‘Sputnik.’ Cartier, Van Cleef, Arpels, and others released designs using moon-like textures and luminous gemstones.

Here, Elizabeth Henry has created her own model within this iconic category. She was inspired by the bombe style and bold gold pieces of the 1960s, adding her own flair with juicy, phenomenal gemstones. To create these masterpieces, she paired light with dark gemstones, cabochon with faceted, and asterism with play-of-color—all handset on the backdrop of textured crater-like gold.

In the Pink Hue Sputnik Ring by Elizabeth Henry, a cosmic ballet of warm-hued gemstones orchestrates a mesmerizing spectacle. Two Purple Star Sapphires twinkle with celestial charm, their asterisms echoing distant galaxies, while a Ruby adds depth and richness to the palette. Meanwhile, Pink Tourmaline and Rhodolite Garnet take center stage, bathing the ring in a rosy glow reminiscent of nebulae adrift in the cosmos. Together, these stones blend seamlessly, enveloping the wearer in a celestial symphony that celebrates the ethereal beauty of the universe tinged with hues of pink.

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Gem: 3 Purple Sapphire totaling .77 Carats, 2 Star Sapphire totaling 1.61 Carats, Ruby .47 Carats, Pink Tourmaline 1.05 Carats, Rhodolite Garnet 1.30 Carats
Width of Ring: 14.5 mm.
Height Off Finger: 6.25 mm.
Ring Size: 7.5
Marks: "18K", EHC Lioness
Era: Retro

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