The Green and Pink Hues Sputnik Ring in 18K Yellow Gold


Our space journey in the late 60s not only triggered an incredibly productive era of American history, it provided jewelers with the inspiration to develop an entire category of collectible jewelry pieces. The category is often referred to as ‘Sputnik.’ Cartier, Van Cleef, Arpels, and others released designs using moon-like textures and luminous gemstones.

Here, Elizabeth Henry has created her own model within this iconic category.  She was inspired by the bombe style and bold gold pieces of the 1960s, adding her own flair with juicy, phenomenal gemstones. To create these masterpieces, she paired light with dark gemstones, cabochon with faceted, and asterism with play-of-color—all handset on the backdrop of textured crater-like gold.

This Green and Pink Hue Sputnik Ring embodies the essence of the Retro era with its vibrant gemstone selection. Featuring Chrysoberyl, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Sapphires, Star Sapphire, and Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, this ring exudes celestial elegance and craftsmanship. Each gemstone, from the growth symbolism of Chrysoberyl to the romantic allure of Pink Sapphires, contributes to the ring's celestial charm. The Star Sapphire's mesmerizing asterism and the Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl's chatoyancy add further depth and intrigue to the design. Together, these exquisite gemstones create a timeless masterpiece only elsewhere to be found in the night sky.

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Gem: 2 Chrysoberyl totaling 2.51 Carats, Pink Tourmaline 0.38 Carats, 3 Pink Sapphires totaling 1.13 Carats, Star Sapphire 1.65 Carats, Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl 0.52 Carats
Width of Ring: 14.5 mm.
Height off Finger: 6 mm.
Ring Size: 7.25
Marks: "18K", EHC Lioness
Era: Retro

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