Coral Cameo Ring in 14K Black Hills Gold


Legend has it that in the midst of the California gold rush in 1870, Henri Labeau, a skilled French goldsmith, found himself lost in the rugged landscapes of the Black Hills in South Dakota. Battling dehydration and starvation, he succumbed to sleep and experienced a vivid dream of a mountain stream adorned with grape vines along its banks. Upon waking, he ventured over a rise and discovered the very stream and grape vines he had dreamt about. Filled with gratitude, he dedicated his life to crafting jewelry inspired by grape clusters and leaves, fashioned in the enchanting hues of rose, green, and yellow gold.

According to legend, wearing Black Hills Gold Jewelry brings good luck to those who adorn themselves with these intricately designed pieces. Henri Labeau's journey, shaped by a dream and nature's inspiration, has left a legacy of timeless beauty and a touch of fortune for those who embrace his creations.

Metal: 14K Black Hills Gold (Rose, Green and Yellow Gold)
Gem: Coral
Gem Measurements: 11.2 mm Wide x 20.75 mm Long

Ring Size: 6
Marks: "14K"
Era: Art Nouveau

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