Disguised Front-Clasp Necklace with Decorative Tassel in 10K Yellow Gold


Discover a captivating gem from the Victorian era with this antique necklace, a true collector's delight! Originating in 1866, this impeccably crafted Victorian necklace boasts a construction quality rarely found in contemporary markets. The chain showcases intricately woven decorative links, forming an elegant single strand. Adorning the base of the necklace is an ornate tassel, adding to its allure. In excellent near-perfect condition, this piece exemplifies the beauty of Victorian-era jewelry.

Metal: 10K Yellow Gold
Width of Chain: 3.75 mm.
Length of Chain: 20 Inches
Clasp: Disguised Front Clasp
Marks: "PAT SEP 25 1866"
Era: Victorian

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