Synthetic Alexandrite Drop Earrings with White Sapphire Halos in 18K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver


Step back in time and embrace the elegance of the Georgian Era with this utterly breathtaking pair of drop earrings. Considered one of the most collectible pieces in the Elizabeth Henry showroom, these earrings are tangible link to a period of profound transformation – in science, travel, and even a woman's role in society.

One can only imagine the meticulous handcraftmanship that went into creating the intricate filigree designs featured on each drop. Delicately fashioned from 18K yellow gold and sterling silver, the framework serves as a canvas for the dazzling gemstones within.

White sapphires, a favored choice during the Georgian era, surround the centerpieces: captivating synthetic alexandrites. Witness the magic unfold as these extraordinary gems transform before your eyes. Bathed in sunlight, they boast a vibrant teal hue, while under the soft glow of candlelight, they shift to a captivating lavender.

More than just earrings, these are heirlooms in the making. A perfect addition to any estate jewelry collection, they promise to turn heads and spark conversations for generations to come.

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver
Gem: Synthetic Alexandrite totaling 4.00 Carats
Gem Measurements: 9.4 x 7.6 mm, Oval
Accents: 22 White Sapphires totaling 1.32 Carats
Earrings Length: 37 mm
Earrings Width: 16 mm
Marks: None

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