Botanical Bohemian Garnet Brooch


Like burning embers, this Georgian era gold-filled brooch is illuminated by a dense cluster of Bohemian garnets. Swooping lines and a symmetrical flower design create an elegant frame from which the fiery red rose-cut gemstones glitter and glow.

Encrusted with 2.3 carats of natural pyrope garnets, this antique brooch is a testament to the gemstones alluring beauty. Mined in the Bohemian Hills of the Czech Republic since the sixteenth century, pyrope garnets have long been prized for their vibrant color and sparkling refractivity. Traced by bright halos of prong set garnets, a ring of deep red oval-cut stones rise into a tiered central stone while small bezel set cabochons dot the outer rim. A balance of texture and refinement give this dimensional brooch a poised yet luscious character.

Like pomegranate seeds being served on a tray, the glossy garnets are fitted in flat silver, emphasizing the arrangement of the gems over the metal in traditional Bohemian fashion. Though such jewels were widely worn during the late Georgian period, this dramatic piece recalls the jewel-encrusted liturgical vessels that pyropes had decorated for centuries. With the oncoming nostalgia of Gothic Revivalism, this luminous antique treasure echoes the stained glass rose windows found in cathedrals across Europe. 

Pinned to a lapel or a scarf, this historic brooch will bring a rich finish to your wardrobe, as timeless as a rose and as warm a hearth.

Metal: 900 Silver, Gold Plate
Gem: 84 Pyrope (Bohemian) Garnets
Gem Measurements: 1.8 mm. - 7 mm., Round/Oval Rose-Cut
Measurements: 27 mm. Wide x 27 mm. High
Marks: None
Era: Georgian

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