Old Mine Cut Diamond and Saltwater Pearl Necklace in Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold


The Edwardian era was a period of sophistication and grace that graced the fashion and jewelry landscape from 1901 to 1919. Around 1910, as women's fashions evolved with changing necklines, the spotlight shifted to necklaces, making them a paramount accessory. An exquisite representation of this era is embodied in this captivating Edwardian era Old Mine Cut Diamond and Saltwater Pearl Necklace.

Intricate motifs, delicately fashioned with old mine cut diamonds and a dangling saltwater pearl, adorn this necklace. It's old mine cut diamonds, shimmer uniquely in candlelight and cast an ethereal sparkle that adds an opulent touch to the piece. In the Edwardian era, wearing such a necklace was not merely an accessory; it symbolized status and adorned the necks of noblewomen at social events and soirées.

Measuring 16 inches in length, this Edwardian masterpiece falls effortlessly between the collarbones. Crafted in platinum and 18K yellow gold, the necklace boasts 27 old mine cut diamonds totaling .64 carats, exhibiting exceptional clarity and color. The diamonds, are complemented by a creamy white natural pearl, creating a harmonious blend of luxury and refinement.

Metal: Platinum, 18K Yellow Gold
Gem: 27 Old Mine Cut Diamonds totaling .64 Carats, in Clarity, in Color
Gem Measurements: 1.6 mm., Round
Accents: Saltwater Pearl, 3.3 mm.
Length: 16"
Measurements: .95 in. x 1.65 in.
Marks: None
Era: Edwardian
Provenance: Estate, Impeccable Condition


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