Labradorite Bead and 19K Yellow Gold Cup Necklace

Crafted from approximately 19K Gold (800 Yellow Gold), this necklace boasts a timeless elegance. The star of the piece is the mesmerizing Labradorite, with (42) 8.1 mm. round beads which capture the essence of Nebulas from the night sky. Labradorite's iridescent colors against a dark background evoke the enchanting play of the Northern Lights, named after Labradore, Newfoundland, where this gem was first identified in the 1770s.

The necklace spans 20 inches, featuring Labradorite beads harmoniously accompanied by ornamental 800 gold 'cup' beads. These gold cups, stacked against the Labradorite beads, add a touch of opulence reminiscent of the ancient era's ornate hand-forged craftsmanship. The width of the necklace, measuring 8.1 mm., showcases a perfect balance of substance and style.

Secured with an 'S' Hook Clasp, this piece is not just a necklace; it's a journey through time, encapsulating the legend and beauty of Labradorite while paying homage to the ornamental goldwork of ancient civilizations. Adorn yourself with a piece of history that transcends time.

Metal: 800 Yellow Gold (Appx. 19K Gold)
Gem: Labradorite
Gem Measurements: (42) 8.1 mm. Round Beads
Width of Necklace: 8.1 mm.
Length of Necklace: 20 Inches
Clasp: 'S' Hook Clasp
Marks: "800"
Era: Ancient
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