14K Yellow Gold Seed Pearl Daylily Pendant


Embrace the delicate charm of a Victorian garden with this captivating daylily pendant, crafted from warm 14k yellow gold. Six gracefully sprawled petals unfurl, each cradling a bundle of three lustrous seed pearls. These pearls range in subtle hues and sizes, secured by delicate prongs for a touch of timeless elegance.

At its heart lies the pendant's largest seed pearl, measuring 2.5mm and held securely by six talon prongs. This central pearl adds a touch of grandeur and balance to the design, while displaying a luminous luster.

Wearing this piece is like transporting yourself to a flourishing Victorian garden filled with vibrant blooms and the gentle hum of bees. Whether worn alone, allowing its intricate details to shine, or stacked with other necklaces, this daylily pendant is sure to add a touch of sweet sentimentality to any outfit.

Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Gem: 19 Natural Seed Pearls
Gem Measurements: 1.5 - 2.5 mm.
Measurements: 16.5 mm. Wide x 24.5 mm. High with Bail
Marks: "14K"
Era: Victorian

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